Modest Momma Style: Boho Babe

Well, you may be noticing a reappearance of what some in the past have called “hippie chic.” This easy-going style is making another appearance in the style world and this time we are calling it Bohemian. But… all the cool kids call it Boho. Laced with loveworn denim and flowing skirts, floral patterns and headbands, leather fringe and fabric for days this look is a fun spin on regular summer style.

This momma of two, loves to try new looks and today, this Maxi skirt and denim vest were a perfect adventure into the world of a boho babe. What are your thoughts? Is this look for you? Don’t worry, it comes and goes frequently. Just ask 1967.

I have to be honest and say that I think it is funny that fashion forward gals are considered on trend by mirroring gypsy, free-spirited, nomadic women who were beautiful because they did not care what they wore. Anyone else amused by this? Alrighty, well, in the words of Tinkerbell (a show we watch often around here) “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.” Peace y’all.

Dress: Hazel & Olive
Vest: Target
Headband: Claires
Bangles: Here & There


  • Wendy says:

    I am loving this look! I need a denim vest, I have been looking for the perfect one!

    • Scissortail SILK says:

      Target has some great ones! I love this one and the worn look to it! If you click the link below the post, Wendy, it will take you to this vest, but will also show you similar ones! Happy Shopping and thanks for stopping by!

  • Darci says:

    Hey there! I totally need this denim vest! I’ve been searching for one and I love this one! I have a couple questions: I looked at Targets site am I’m guessing the one you have is what they are calling dark stonewashed, yes? Also, how tall are you? The one review online said it was short, but I think the length looks great on you! Thanks for your help! Xo

    • Scissortail SILK says:

      Hey Darci! You are right. This is what they would call the dark stonewash. I am 5’2″ and I would say I have a short torso. It would probably hit most at their natural waistline. The model in the alternate views on the target site is likely an accurate representation of an average waisted gal! It does fit tightly, but has adjustable buttons on the bottom in the back I could loosen, but honestly I am about 105 lbs 5’2 and could probably wear a medium comfortably. I originally tried this look buttoned. Needless to say those pics did NOT make the blog. I hope that helps! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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