Five Minute Friday: LAST

Tonight, I decided to participate in a blogger link-up where quick writing gals share their thoughts over the same topic in just five minutes flat. It really got my creative juices flowing, and I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to stop my timer! It was super fun and reeeeally hard not to edit! Here is my post on the topic


The last of the sun’s warm rays were disappearing too quickly over the trees at the end of our street. My son had asked all evening to drive his power wheels police car and was thrilled to finally be going around the block. I was pushing my sweet girl in the stroller and shouted ahead to my son, “We can only go around once, buddy. The sun is going to bed and that means it’s almost bedtime for us too!”

The day had been full of “lasts” from the moment it began

My littles fought over the last juice box…

Who had the “special” marker last…

Who got the last mini oreo in the tiny blue bag…

I hollered more than once, “That is the LAST time I am going to tell you to stop bopping your sister!”

“No we cannot bring that toy into the grocery store, because the LAST time you did you decided you didn’t want to carry it anymore and momma had to.”

It had been a day like any other day, full of toddler fussing and mommy stress – full of unpaid bills- rewashed laundry- unwashed dishes- tear stained cheeks- hugs- kisses- warnings- giggles- super heros- and princess parties. But this night, was different. I stopped and noticed the setting sun and just how quickly it was gone and I reminded myself, “They won’t always be this little and these days won’t last forever.”

Five Minute Friday


  • denise says:

    Fantastic post, welcome to FMF.

  • I love how you wrote this so raw without sugar coating the very real aspects of what a mommy goes through every day. Of course being a parent is the best job one can have but until the oreo man puts in even amounts and everything is “fair” there will always be whining and misunderstandings and the odd “bop” to the head. Don’t tell my kids but their strong wills and even their bad attitudes make me love them more. Those are the things we remember about our children, those silly moments of happiness and even the fights. Bless you and yours! I am happy I was late this “friday” and posted after you!

  • So true, so true. The little treasure-filled, quickly-gone moments. Grab them while we have them. Thanks for joining up with FMF!

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