Modest Momma Style: Fall Cardigan

So, let’s just pretend that it’s Fall!

Across the country, temperatures are plummeting. Folks are buying up fashionable boots and sipping on warm $6 pumpkin drinks. Kids have gone back to school, and it is officially time to start making preparations for fall festivities. Unless of course, you live in Oklahoma.

Usually, by this time, the grass has been scorched by endless 100 degree days and leaves have died from blistering winds. We all take a deep breath as we welcome “cooler weather” and 90 degrees.

But, this year, I am pretending. Yes, there was a lovely young lady in front of me at Subway today who had on a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops… but I ignored her. I waited in line for my meatball sandwich wearing a cardigan and jeans and boots and thought… judge me lady, it’s September 16th and somewhere in the continental US it is freezing.

So, to start off my short series of fall fashionable looks, here is my new favorite cardigan from Pearl Junkie in Enid. If this cardigan and riding boots don’t say fall has arrived… then nothing does. You can call their store by following the link and order yours today! Super friendly shop and if you ask nicely… I think they might ship it to you.

Oh, and I got my hair done today! It had been awhile!  Rylie Sproul at The Loft did a wonderful job…

What was I saying? Oh yes… So, wanna pretend with me? Wanna close your eyes and dream of cool overcast skies that make you reach for your favorite comfort food cookbook? You know you do!

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