DIY: Dining Room Chalkboard

Well, I will be honest. I do not always have “seasonal” decorations. This is one of the first years that I have decorated for a season other than Christmas… but fall is upon us… and this year, the crisp air and warm afternoon light were enough to make me start a DIY project and get my dining room buffet fit for fall.

The chalkboard was super simple.

I had an old poster frame that I bought from Hobby Lobby 5 years ago for $10.

The glass had broken out, and I had gotten rid of the picture in it years ago.

So I took the frame to my local hardware store and had a piece of masonite cut to size. The masonite cost $4

Then, I brought it home and painted it with one coat of chalkboard paint from Lowes. You can buy a quart for $10.

I painted the masonite with a brush and then used a sponge roller to even out the strokes.

It was just that simple!

Alright! Let me know what you think!


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