10 Prayers for My Husband’s Heart

Valentine’s Day is 10 days away. Yes, it is true.

Before my husband came into my life, I very much disliked Valentine’s Day. It seemed like enough for couples to be able to show each other how much they were loved the rest of the year. Why did there have to be an entire day dedicated to proclaim the extent of that love? Gag.

It was during this time, that the Lord began to remind my heart that while I didn’t know who I was going to marry, He did. The Lord began to prompt me to pray for the heart of my husband long before we ever met.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Lord has reminded me just how eager I was to meet my husband and how fervently I prayed for him before he was mine. The Lord has asked me to begin to pray again for the heart of my husband. He has given me these 10 specific characteristics to declare.

So, whether you are still trusting the Lord for the one you will wed, or you are knee-deep in married memories, I want to invite you to pray these 10 prayers with me over the next 10 days. Don’t feel like you have to stop on Valentine’s Day either! Feel free to pray these 10 simple prayers over your husband’s heart for the next 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years! Together, let’s believe to see transformations in our families as we encourage the hearts of our husbands through prayer.

Lord, I ask that you would touch my husband’s heart. I pray that his heart would be…

1.)    CONFIDENT of Your love for Him.

2.)    SENSITIVE to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit.

3.)    BRAVE as he follows you in all areas of his life.

4.)    SOFT so that he may show Your love to others always.

5.)    WISE in always discerning truth.

6.)    GENTLE with my heart and the hearts of our children.

7.)    RECEPTIVE of my love for him.

8.)    STRONG in doing what you have called him to do.

9.)    PROTECTED from the lusts that would try to ensnare it.

10.)  REFLECTIVE of the love of his Heavenly Father.

Father, I thank You for the wonderful man that You have given me. Help me to always see Him as you do. Help me to remember to pray for His heart daily. Grow our relationship emotionally and spiritually as together we pursue You in all things.

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  • Barbara says:

    What an awesome prayer! Thank you for reminding us to pray for our husbands. This is definitely something I need to be more mindful about doing regularly.

  • Robin says:

    Great post! I recently came across this book about praying for your husband titled, Praying for your husband from head to toe, written by Sharon Jaynes. Since starting it a few days ago I’ve already felt God moving in my husband and I’s relationship and most important in his life. As we embark on the new journey of parenthood together (I’m due any day now with our first child) I have found so much peace simply by giving my family and relationship to God in prayer. Thank you for sharing another way to pray for the most important man in a woman’s life. I agree whether you’ve been married for 1, 5, 10+ years or are still waiting to meet whomever God is preparing for you praying now will enrich both of your lives.

  • Chelsea says:

    These are fantastic prayers! January and February are hard months for me as a SAHM. The cabin fever REALLY starts to set in and I find myself becoming more and more selfish wanting ME time outside of the house, away from the kids. You’ve reminded me of the reason I have all of the blessings we have: house, children, etc. It’s all because I love this one man that God created just for me. He works hard to support our family and a lifestyle that we know is God’s plan for our family. Thanks!

  • Tara says:

    This is awesome… it would be even “awesomer” as a printable…? Just a thought. Thanks for all you do to help us make it through the day!

  • Allison says:

    I came across your blog through a friend and have been deeply encouraged every time I read it. Thank you for posting authentic posts about marriage and family as they relate to us and God. I am grateful for the reminder to pray for my husband. We are newlyweds and I already find myself trying to change things about my husband (He never takes it well). It never works. But I have found that praying over him is the best thing!! Thank you!!!

  • Angel Joshua says:

    I have sent my humble prayer request to our Lord…being a guide in a spiritual way is not easy but am happy that I have found you…The Lord has found you for me and am grateful to Him

  • AmberB says:

    YES! My husband is deployed and I pray for him, but not as often as I could. This will be a fresh prayer for me and him. Thanks!

  • Trisha says:

    This list made me tear up. I’ve spent the last hour or so just reading over all of your posts and you seriously speak to my heart. God bless :)

  • Abigail says:

    “Help me to always see Him as you do.” Wow, I really, really needed that reminder. I’m very thankful that God is using you for this wonderful blog ministry. Isn’t it amazing how something as “simple” as typing up and posting what’s going on in our hearts and minds can be used by Him to reach so many people that we might otherwise have absolutely no contact with? He surely is amazing!

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