Everyone loves a good prank. Well, everyone loves a well-executed, completely harmless, all-in-good-fun prank. What I have seen take place over the last few years on social media sites is none of those things.

In the last few years, I have seen an all too common status update on April 1st (April Fool’s Day.) An announcement rings out across Newsfeeds, “I’m expecting!” “We are so excited to announce that we are expecting!” “Our bundle of joy is on the way!” This is usually followed up with a comment by the author stating that they are not actually pregnant, but rather are expecting a tax return, or the sun to rise, or something else other than the implied message.

To those who have never experienced the heartache of child-loss, who do not know the painful truth of infertility, who haven’t walked out 9 months of high-risk pregnancy… this joke might seem harmless.

But I promise you it is not.

It is hurtful. It is cruel. And it is insensitive to the nearly 7 million women in America alone who struggle with infertility daily.

The fortunate truth is that those who make these comments don’t do so with malice in their hearts. They don’t say it to get a rise out of those who do know the heartache of infertility. They do it because it is a quick and often guaranteed way to shock their friends and families.

So, my request is simple…

I want to gently remind you of all the people in your lives who would love to share with friends and family that they truly are expecting. If all of our posts about our own babies and families aren’t enough, let’s leave false pregnancies out of it. Because miscarriage and infertility are not things that we often announce publicly. We might each have friends who are currently suffering silently. And with your silly joke, you just might be hurting someone you know or care about – you just might not be aware of it.

No anger here, friends. Just another perspective.

You can click here to read my own story of Hope After Miscarriage. There is hope for you. There is healing for you. Your heart can be whole again.


To protect those who understand the pain explained in this post from having to defend their position on the issue in the comments below, I have chosen to not allow any negative comments. I understand that many may disagree with what is written here. Feel free to use your own personal platforms to advocate your alternative opinions.

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