Save a Little Love For Me

He grabs his boots, or his briefcase, or his suitcase – and He’s headed off to work.

She’s busy making breakfast for the little ones already awake. The cereal spills across the kitchen floor just as the baby monitor lights up. Someone else needs her too.

She pours milk into the bowl, steps over the mess, and as she walks towards the nursery she shouts over her shoulder, “LOVE YOU! Have a great day, honey!”

He knows there will be so much demanded of her. He knows that she will spend every ounce of who she is taking care of the house and the babies and the bills. She won’t get a break or get to stop worrying, or caring, or planning all day. He knows that she will be exhausted when he walks back through that door, but his hope is the same day after day.

As she disappears around the corner, he whispers under his breath, “Save a little love for me.”

For the nurse and the coach, for the teacher and the banker, for the clerk and the pastor –

For each of us, our hope is the same.

May we never pour out so much of ourselves that we don’t have anything left to give our spouse at the end day. May we never forget the love that was so abundant in the beginning. And may we never lose sight of forever.

A simple reminder from the ones that we love, and to the ones that we love –

No matter how you will spend your day,

Just save a little love for me.




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  • Jamie says:

    I adore your writing! So true on every point! I appreciate your faith and honesty! THANK YOU!

  • What a beautifully written reminder- thank you! I think our culture impresses that we focus everything on our children and make them our only top priority, which can be dangerous because it’s easy to stop making our marriages and ourselves a priority, as well. We need to remember that when we or our marriages are crumbling, it’s also not good for our children. Just look at the divorce rate of empty-nesters that realize the only thing they had in common was taking care of their children, because they never allowed themselves to take care of their marriage relationship. Obviously, it can be the same for our careers, or anything else we let reach “idol” level. But now, we will all be reminding ourselves to, “save a little love.” :-)

  • Lindsey Edwards says:

    I needed to read this. It’s so easy to get caught up with the craziness of the day and all you can do is think about hitting the bed to forget about it all. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good reminder.

    I had a hard day at work yesterday, and then came home cranky to my hubby. Which made for a hard evening at home. Shoulda read this yesterday! =)

  • Jamie says:

    So very true. A very good reminder.

  • Paige Hilken says:

    This is such a great reminder! I am currently a few days away from my due date with our first baby and I have been reading your blog for future encouragement. Even though I haven’t personally gone through the things that you write about as a mom quite yet I feel better prepared and more aware of what I need to watch out for. Thanks for saving me a lot of potential strife and conflict in the future :)

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