When You Feel Like There’s Nothing You Can Do…

This page is a place of grace. It is a place of love. It is a place where we listen as mothers and as women to the truth of the Father spoken over our lives.

It’s safe here. Your heart… it is safe here.

So often we discuss the realities of motherhood. So often we discuss the weight that we feel on our shoulders as we try to be everything to everyone that we love. We talk about real issues. We talk about real struggles. We talk about real life.

But this week, I cannot escape the reality of what is being shared on my newsfeeds.

I cannot talk about life as usual when the allegations against Planned Parenthood have left me shaken – both physically and emotionally. It is almost impossible to process the idea that this organization was profiting from aborted baby bodies.

Just typing those words makes my head spin. If there is only a shred of truth in all of it, then it is all too much.

Because it’s not simply the profiteering that makes me sick… it is the description in detail of how these tiny bodies are… taken apart. Lord Jesus, help us.

Friend, if you’re anything like me, you have held your own babies closer since you heard the news. You caught yourself looking into the faces of your little ones, taking in their innocence, and desperately trying not to think of how those parts were harvested.

And maybe you have been spurred to action. You went online and found petitions that you could sign. You wrote the senators and congressmen and church leaders begging for awareness… pleading for their support in the pursuit of justice.

Or maybe you just didn’t know where to begin. Maybe you felt helpless. Small. Like the monster of the abortion industry was too big to attack with your own two hands and lonely voice.

No matter how you have responded so far, let me tell you how I think we can win in the end. Let me tell you how you can play a very practical and powerful part.

If we want to see change happen in our lifetime, then the very best thing that we can do is love the hell out of this world.

Yes legislation can shut down funding (and Lord I pray that this would happen) – but Jesus – Jesus changes the hearts of those who make the choice daily to take innocent life.

It’s the encounter with Jesus that transforms thinking and heals the broken-hearted. It’s the encounter with Jesus that causes the doctors to repent and the nurses to realize what they have done. It’s an encounter with Jesus that changes the heart of the woman before it is too late to change her mind. And it is the love of Jesus that offers forgiveness for each of them.


We love the woman who is lost and confused.

We love the people who work at these facilities.

We love the doctors and the nurses and even the drivers who shuttle women to these clinics. We find a way to be Jesus in their lives.

And then, we do whatever else the Lord puts on our hearts to do as well… as we stand together and fight for life.



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