Modest Momma Style: Aztec Sweater (Sponsored by Hazel & Olive Boutique)

When I decided to do these simple style posts again, I knew that I wanted to show looks that mommas could wear in their real lives. I didn’t want to showcase clothes while standing in a back alleyway or along a busy road. Not because those pictures aren’t great, but because they aren’t my typical life. So, here are a few pictures I took while standing in my kitchen dressed in an outfit I really wear in my actual life.

You can find every part of this outfit (except for the T-shirt) at Hazel & Olive Boutique. The T-shirt is something I designed myself.




Outfit Details:

Sweater | Sponsored Hazel & Olive Boutique

Jeans | Sponsored Hazel & Olive Boutique

Shoes | Sponsored Hazel & Olive Boutique

So here is how this works. I will post photos of easy style ideas like these. Some of these items are sent to me for free. Some of the items I purchase. Some of the retailers pay me to showcase their products here. But all of the opinions of these products are honest and my own… and if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t wear them, and I definitely wouldn’t show them to you.


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