Midnight Mom Devotional : December 4

Often, the most powerful prayer is the name of Jesus.

I had an entire devotional prepared for tonight. But I deleted it, because tonight, I hear God saying this.

“Give me your guilt. Give me your shame. Give me your feelings of failure. Give me your burdens. Give me your fears. Give me your sickness. Give me your disease. Give me your sorrow. Give me your secrets. Give me your tired overwhelmed heart. Give me your children. Give me your marriage. Give me your family, your friends and your future. And in exchange I will give you,
Freedom. Peace. Comfort. Strength. Rest. Health. Joy. Hope. Promise. Power. I will give you all that I AM.”

Whatever you need tonight, friend? He’s got it. Whatever you are desperate for? He is the answer.

It is as simple as whispering His name, “Jesus.” And watching as He walks into the room.

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