It Will Be Our Turn… Later


I’m almost to the end of another day. I got my kids up and took them to church and fixed lunch and answered a million questions and solved a million fights and detached a million stuck Legos.

There are so many things I need to do. But I know any minute my kids will be in bed and I’ll have some time to decide what I do next. I think about what everyone else needs all day long, but it will be my turn a little bit later (and I’ll probably stay up too late trying to enjoy every moment to myself).

Sound familiar?

You opened the juice boxes and sliced the crusts from the sandwiches. You cut grapes in half and cubed up bites of cheese. You thought of them before yourself. Again.

It’s the story of our lives isn’t it?

It’s just what we do.

The kids are awake early and demanding breakfast? I’ll sleep later.

The baby needed a new outfit after a messy diaper? I’ll get myself dressed nicely later.

We feed hungry tummies and nurse little babies and worry about packed lunches before we think of what we will eat. We’ll eat later.

We dress bodies and comb hair and brush teeth and find shoes – and get ourselves ready last.

Don’t worry – we’ll fix ourselves up later.

We’ll get our make-up on, and our roots dyed, and maybe even a proper shower… later.

The kids are finally buckled into the car but you really need to “go?” Don’t worry, I’m sure your post baby bladder can handle 20 minutes until you get home… you can go later.

The baby is screaming at the store but you need to grab the one item left on your list that was for you? Forget it. You’ll buy it later.

It will finally be our turn… later.

But this evening as I think of all of the things I really need to do and all of the things I really want to do, I can’t help but think how it’s worth it. And you’re doing a great job. I mean it. A really awesome job.

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of that.

All of the times that you have sacrificed for your kids might seem to go unnoticed. They might just be a part of a routine. But realizing that what we do is important and meaningful and worth it? Well, friend, that’s one thing that just cannot wait until later.



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  • Alycia says:

    I really understand this article, as do most other moms! One thing I thought was interesting though, is that we give and give and give and then take care of ourselves last… even when we don’t need to! For example, the other day the kids (2 boys, 3 & 1) were happily eating part of their meal (you know the kind, daddy’s working late, & dinner consists of a bunch of snacks {string cheese, fruit & vegetable pouch and a 1 million grain fig bar} and voilà! an easy meal)– but, I realized that I would rather make sure that they had all 7 aspects of their meal done before I would even think about my own dinner! They wouldn’t have cared or noticed even if I was making my dinner! Why? I don’t even know, except that I love them beyond all reason. I cannot tell you how many times I have made the kids a meal and realized an hour later that I forgot about myself.. and only because I’ve run out of gas & figure I guess if I’m going to have the strength to make it through this day, I better eat! It’s who God made us! They will grow up all to quickly and we will (surprisingly enough) wish that we had little ones tugging on out shirts asking for yet another refill in their sippy. :)

  • SK Bell says:

    Perfect! I was just journaling about something very similar. =] We moms do all that and then sometimes still feel guilty that we weren’t fast enough or it wasn’t seamless enough, a meal didn’t turn out pretty enough… sigh. We are doing awesome! If only we could acknowledge that more often!

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