Master Bedroom Reveal

Our master bedroom was way overdue for an update, so last week I decided to try and create a DIY faux shiplap accent wall. I have a love of all things farmhouse, and my husband has a love of all things comfortable. I think our room is the perfect combination. (Now if I can just convince myself to keep up with my laundry so my beautiful bedroom doesn’t get covered in unfolded clothes.) Affiliate links below!




Master Bedroom

I love how adding these bamboo roman shades above the windows made the windows look larger.

DIY Faux Shiplap Wall

So much clean natural light! I never want to leave. But I will… every day… when the baby wakes up before I do… #norestforthemommy

Neutral Bedroom

I love everything about those Better Home and Gardens lamps!

Shiplap Accent Wall

I found this headboard on Amazon for $205! They shipped it for free, and it came in two days. (Thank you, Prime!) I have no idea why we didn’t redo our room sooner! And, yes! This is a DIY Faux Shiplap wall that we completed ourselves! Read about that here!

Room Details


  • Donna says:

    Beautiful! Where did you get your night stands?

  • Renee says:

    This is random but is your bed on a platform or just one of those metal frames with a bed skirt. We have a metal frame and I’ve been debating ordering a headboard only but wasn’t sure if it’d look weird :) thanks!

  • Mary says:

    Love this! It’s so bright and airy, I can see why you don’t want to leave. But kids just don’t understand the value of sleeping in, huh? My question is, assuming that I can actually get in the habit of making the bed, where do you put the decirative pillows at night? My husband’s not a fan of pillows, and even less of a fan of the pile they end up in. -_-

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