“Will It Be Enough?”


I ask myself every year, “Will it be enough?”

No matter how many presents are under the Christmas tree, no matter how special I try and make the day, no matter how many surprises I can or can’t pull off, I always wonder, “Will my love be enough for my family?”

I always wonder if I’m the only mom/woman who feels this way. I always wonder if there are other women who sit back and think, “That’s the best I could do this year, and I really hope it’s enough for everyone to know they are loved.”

There’s just something in us that wants our families to be happy. There’s just something inside of us which compels us to make things the best they can be – to stretch our money, and our time, and put our own desires on the back burner while we keep busy taking care of everyone else.

But if we’re being honest, this isn’t just the truth of Christmas. This is kinda true all year long.

“Will it be enough? Will my love be enough?” We ask ourselves over and over.

Will it be enough to help my children grow into healthy and happy adults?

Will it be enough to provide security and safety and a sense of family?

Will it be enough for my children to discover their potential? Reach for more? Learn to trust and leap?

Will I be enough as a friend? A daughter? A wife?

Will my love be enough for everyone?

And the answer… well, the answer might surprise us. I wish I could encourage all of us and say, “Yes! Our love is enough. Our best is enough! Our effort is enough!”

But the truth is, on our own… it’s not. It couldn’t ever be.

We need God’s Love infused into our own.

It’s why a precious baby was born thousands of years ago in that musty dark room. It’s why our Savior came for us.

Whenever Jesus shows up, we remember that He is our source. He is our strength. He is the life and love that we pour out on those around us. He is the peace that fill our homes. He is the joy that unites our families. He is the love that binds us together. And when we allow Him to be this source, we never run out. (Hope Unfolding)

I don’t know what your Christmas looks like this year, friend. I don’t know what your home feels like. I don’t know if you’re so stretched thin that you’re struggling to find joy, or if you went above and beyond and you’re confident in everything you were able to achieve.

But I do know this for certain. If you give your family Jesus, if you point to Him, and reach for Him, and invite Him to be a part of everything you do and every way you show your family love this Christmas… and all year round…

Then… then the answer to the question, “Will it be enough?” will always be… Yes.

Take a deep breath before you go back to what you were doing before you stopped to read this. That’s how close He is this Christmas season. That’s how close He always is.

Merry Christmas, Mommas.

God loves you, and so do I.

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