Hey Christian Lady Boss! You Need to Read This!


Here’s the thing. Facebook says now isn’t the right time to post this. It’s 2 am as I’m writing and posting, and everything I know about blog strategy says that I should share this tomorrow during peak hours of engagement. But that’s not MY strategy here. Viral isn’t always the goal. Right? It can’t be. Sometimes, we just post for the one person who needs to read it right when they need to read it. And for me? That feels like right now.

How many times do we say that when we share something? “Maybe someone out there needs to hear this, or read this, or laugh at this, or see this, too.”

Some ONE.

It feels like everyone is focused on growth right now. So many ways to gain more, make more, become more… you just need the right information and to know the right people and you’ll be able to:

* double your traffic
* increase your followers
* get more leads
* secure more involvement
* grow your numbers

Meanwhile Jesus is like… Hey guys, let’s stop for this one.

Let’s stop for this guy in a tree.

Let’s stop for this lady by a well.

Let’s stop for this blind guy.

Let’s stop for this desperate woman.

Did He speak to the multitudes? Yeah. Often. Lots. Did He train His disciples to speak to the multitudes? You bet. They learned from Him too, and after His death, 3,000 were saved in one day because they had watched Jesus so closely and were filled with the Holy Spirit.

But did Jesus also stop and teach them how to reach the person right in front of them? You had better believe it. And they learned. And they did what He did.

They reached down and raised a crippled man to his feet.

They healed the man sick for eight years.

They brought a dead lady back to life.

Bloggers? Entrepreneurs? Lady Bosses? Hustlers? Friends?

Listen to me. Don’t miss the person standing right in front of you because you’re so focused on trying to stand on her shoulders to reach the next ten.

Growth is good. It’s Kingdom work. It’s the reason that Christianity moved past the twelve disciples… But.. Relationships are the currency of Heaven. And if growth comes at the expense of losing the chance to connect with the people in front of you? Well, you just have to decide which is more valuable to you.

This approach to blogging or leading or “bossing” isn’t for everyone. But it is everything for the one you reached.

As always,

With Love – Becky


  • Kristi at Hail Marry Blog says:

    Thank you for this! I definitely am one of the ones who needed to hear it. I’ve been saving this article for “down time” since it arrived in my inbox. I’m so glad I got to it today!

  • Sara Lewis says:

    As a new blogger this is exactly what I needed to hear. My goal is community but sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. All the “growth” messages are so in your face. Messages like what you’ve just shared are exactly what is needed. Thanks.

  • Leasha says:

    Thank you for this post. I so needed this as I’m a new mom trying to blog and have in-home businesses and feel guilty when I don’t get blog posts up. Thank you for the encouragement to focus on relationships!!!

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