What Type of Solar Eclipse Mom Are You?

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but there’s something special taking place in the sky today. I know, the internet has been pretty quiet about the whole solar eclipse thing. I mean, it practically snuck right up on us. All of social media is basically so uninterested in the whole thing. What solar eclipse? Right?

Okay, actually, the internet has LOST IT’S MIND over this eclipse. We can’t quit talking about it! From thorough discussions of how to safely view the eclipse to interviews with eye doctors and scientists, I’m sure most of us have learned more in the last week about solar eclipses than we did in all of sixth grade science class.

But… one thing no one is discussing is this super important question:

What Type of Solar Eclipse Mom Are You?

See if any of these descriptions sound familiar. I checked all but one.

1. Super Prepared Mom – You bought your solar eclipse glasses months ago. You researched which companies were selling reliable NASA certified glasses, and when you placed your order, you even considered buying a few extra pairs for that friend who never thinks of these things. You know the path of the eclipse… and the timeline for start, peak, and end. Your kids aren’t missing this historical event on your watch.

2. Educational Mom – You know that this isn’t just any ordinary day. Today is a fantastic learning tool! You’ve downloaded worksheets and bookmarked YouTube videos. You’ll be streaming NASA all morning. This is the day your kid’s love for all things science begins. You just know it!

3. Crafty Mom – You pinned half a dozen “Eclipse Viewer” projects on Pinterest. You’ve got your kids’ solar eclipse glasses tucked through a paper plate that you decorated and a cereal box viewfinder made for each kid. There’s nothing you can’t build with a cardboard box and little Scotch tape!

4. Safety First Mom – This day is special, but it’s definitely not worth the risk of permanent eye damage. You read each warning on Facebook by eye doctors and that one old guy who has retinal damage from the eclipse a few decades ago. That’s not happening on your watch (pun intended)! Your kids are staying inside, and you’ll watch live coverage on TV from the safety of your couch.

5. Whatever Mom – Your kids are going to be in school and you trust that they’ll either be kept inside during recess or not. Either way, you’re not worried about it. You said, “Don’t stare at the sun,” so you figure they’ll be fine. You feel like everyone needs to just stop stressing out already.

6. Celebration Mom – Solar eclipses DO NOT come around every day. You are making the MOST of this event. From the time they wake up until the back edge of moon moves out of the sun’s light, you’re celebrating. You’ve got snacks of Moonpies and Milkyway bars. Your sandwiches and cheese WILL be cut into the shape of stars (because space). And let’s not get started on the decorations and games. Your love of details doesn’t quit because the birthday parties are over. Eclipse day is one more day to CELEBRATE!

7. Last Minute Mom – Sure, everyone has been talking about this event for weeks, but you just realized you don’t have any safety glasses. You don’t want your kid to miss this historical moment… but you just didn’t get around to ordering those dang shades. So you may or may not have posted on Facebook within the last 48 hours, asking if anyone knows where you can find a pair or if anyone has an extra pair you can borrow. (Super Prepared Mom might have even replied. She’s got you covered.)


So? Which one are you? I’m a little bit of all of them. (Except Super Prepared Mom… No matter how hard I try… HaHa.)

All joking aside, we each take on mothering differently, and while events like these might show us just how dissimilar we are… let’s remember this: We are all on the same earth, spinning around the same sun, and that means we have something pretty important things in common.

A fun challenge for eclipse day? Look past what comes in between you and that other mom and see the beauty of motherhood on the other side. (Get it? Like we look past the moon and see the sun?… because it’s… eclipse day?…And we’re looking past our differences?…Yes? No?)

Alright! Have a great day! Stay safe! Enjoy it! Pay attention to what the professionals are saying. And remember… the moon might be able to block the light of the sun, but nothing can hide the love of the SON for you. (Too cheesy, right?) Okay! Bye!

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