Welcome Back to International Women’s Day

Good morning! Welcome back to International Women’s Day. Yup, you read that right. See, yesterday I was so busy taking care of my three kids sick with the flu that I didn’t even have a chance to get online and celebrate with everyone, and that’s when it hit me.
Y’all. Why is there just one day? Why are we celebrating women on one day only?
I want to wake up and see my feed full of posts and pictures and shout outs and tags of all of the incredible, strong and worthy women in our lives who make us proud to be female EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I want to wake up and open my Facebook and Instagram and Twitter feeds and read all of our posted reminders of God’s love and purpose and value for each woman’s life DAILY.
I want to celebrate and be reminded again and again that women are world changers… not because it’s March 8th… but because the sun came up!
What is this business about Women’s DAY? Y’all. EVERY day. Do you know what? How about Women’s YEAR? That sounds better.
2018: The year that we decided we wanted to celebrate and shout our collective worth EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Y’all. There is too much work to be done for the Kingdom of God to remind women one day a year that they have purpose. (You’re right, Becky… that’s why women in leadership work so hard to remind them of this constantly.)
Listen. I’m not just talking about women in leadership. I’m talking about all of us. I’m talking about all of us reminding each other again and again that we are POWERFUL, INTELLIGENT, SITUATION-SHIFTING, LIFE-GIVING, WORLD-CHANGING WOMEN on the regular!
So, today. And tomorrow. And just about every other day that I’m not too busy being a woman in some other capacity of my life, you can find me gathered right here with my friends… remembering that when God made us, He gave us a voice on purpose… So, we’d use it and use it together.
Because we’ve got a very real common Enemy… and it’s not men I’m talking about. (They’re allies not enemies!) No, I’m talking about the Enemy who wants to keep us from remembering our worth. It’s the one who wants to make sure we shrink back and stay out of the fight for Kingdom ground. It’s the Enemy who will do whatever it takes to keep us
wrapped up in shame and regret and guilt… and who will do whatever it takes to keep us separated.
Because our Enemy knows two things that we need to remember ourselves…
1.) If a woman comes out from under the lie that she has no worth… if she realizes who she is and Whose she is…she will be unstoppable.
2.) If a group of these women who know their worth ever come together in a unified cause… the world will see a movement unlike any other.
So, sister, welcome back to International Women’s Day. You are loved. You are worthy of every good and perfect gift that comes down from your Father in Heaven. And you have an assignment and a mandate to push back the kingdom of darkness. Today. Tomorrow. And for as long as you have breath in your body.
Whether that means you’re holding a baby or holding your seat in the Senate, there’s work to be done today. And you are fully capable of doing all of it. Because you have a sisterhood of women who have your back, and a God who intimately knows and champions your worth.
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