Have a seat. Just stop scrolling for a second. Or thirty. Please.

Here are five things someone needs to remind you this weekend.

1.) You get to the other side of this thing. God walks with you and He meets you there and that means it’s all okay in the end. It’s going to work out fine. You’ll see.

2.) God is many things, but one thing God has never been is surprised. He’s not waiting to see how this all turns out. He knows everything. So, You should ask Him what to do and then wait and do what He says. Solid advice.

3.) God gave you an imagination so you could create with Him. Don’t use it to create the worst-case scenario. Anticipation of God’s goodness and faithfulness is the opposite of anxiety of future doom. Both anticipation and anxiety cause you to look toward the future. Only one promises hope when you get there. Stop creating worlds in your mind where God doesn’t show up for you. It’s just not going to happen ever. See number 1.

4.) Big giants, mountains, and attacks do not change the size of our MUCH bigger God. While we are on that note… God and the devil aren’t equal forces on opposite sides of the battle. The devil is a fallen angel which means he’s on the same level as Michael or Gabriel. Y’all he’s babycakes compared to Jesus. Stop giving him so much credit. Jesus won. Past-tense. Let’s live like it.

5.) Ain’t nobody got any time to live like none of this matters. It matters. Either God raised your spirit to life with Jesus and now you have access to His Spirit and power all of the time or He didn’t. When you decide that He did though, your only response is to live like the supernatural is just as real as your laundry pile.

So… Don’t get distracted. Don’t get confused. Don’t let anyone pull you off course. There are high stakes and people waiting on us to live like we know all of this is true. Mkay? Drop me a 🙌🏻 if you agree!

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