Oh, Anxious Mom

Jan 4, 2020

Oh, anxious momma, your heart feels like it can only take so much. Your thoughts seem to never stop racing. You continually count your “okays.” My kids are okay. My husband is okay. My house is okay. My job is okay. My family is okay. My friends are okay. And you repeat… My kids. My husband. My house. My job. My family. My friends.

You get to the end of your list of things to worry about, and like a ride you cannot get off, your mind scoops you up and carries you back around again.

Again and again you remind yourself that you are in fact, okay. That your people are okay. That it is all going to be okay.

And you’re exhausted. You’re emotionally exhausted. And you don’t know what kind of rest revives emotional exhaustion.

Sleep doesn’t ever seem to do it.

And so this fear that you’re always going to feel this exhausted sort of creeeeeeps in with the rest of your worries.

You crave peace and seem so far from it. And now you’re not just anxious. You’re afraid… truly, deeply, afraid that your heart will never reach the peace you run toward.

Hear me.

Be kind to yourself. You are allowed to feel exactly as you do. It’s a scary world. There is so much that threatens what we love most. You just don’t know how everything is going to work out. Your love expressed through concern for those you love is normal. But…


Will you whisper that name with me?


He occupies the sound of His name. It’s why we are urged to keep it Holy. Did you know that? It’s why we are prompted in Scripture not to say His name unless we expect Him to show up. Because He does. He always comes when we say His name.


Maybe louder this time.

Like a declaration. A promise. Like everything you need is in His name even if you don’t know Him well.

He’s as close as your breath. Take a deep one. Now, let’s invite the God who commands the waves to  come and also calm the storm in our hearts and minds. He’s bigger than the fear. He’s our shelter. Our shield. Our safety. Our comforter.

Peace. He is our PEACE.

He surrounds you. Holds you. Shields you with His love.

Deep breath again. You’re not crazy. You’re not broken. You’re not alone.

He hears your fears and promises to calm them with His love. Let’s lean into His love right now.

Jesus. Our hope. Our promise. Our peace.



  1. Please pray that God will lead me in the right direction. Struggling as a single mom, finances are low, & I’m feeling very broken.

  2. Thank you for this piece . I really needed to hear this . I and my dtr both have a lot of anxiety and I’ve alwsys told her this if you will whisper his name over and over . Because there is just something about that name . Thank you

  3. Thank you. So much!


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