For the Momma Who Needs to Speak Kindly to Herself

Jan 7, 2020

I was on the phone with my mom telling her about my day.

“It sounds like you got a lot done,” she said.

But I didn’t feel like her words were true.

It’s not a big deal. I didn’t get that much done. I have so much to do still,” I answered.

I was completely unimpressed with myself, so, what she said next surprised me.

Rebecca Faith, can you just speak kindly to yourself for five minutes? Can you just be nice to Becky and be proud of her? Can you just talk nice to her?”

I started to cry. She was right. I wouldn’t dare tell a friend that what she had accomplished that day with her young kids wasn’t important or worth celebrating. As a matter of fact, I’d be the one cheering her on. I wouldn’t say, “You’re awful. Why can’t you get more done?”

But when it comes to me and the way I think about myself?

Gosh, I can be ugly.

“You ruined it.”
“This is your fault.”
“Did you see how your friend handled this?”
“Do you think that other woman talks to her husband that way? You’re awful.”
“You are so behind, and you have so much to do.”
“You’ll never get it done.”
“But this is just who you are.”

Can you imagine picking up the phone and telling a friend ANY of those things? Or telling any human being those things? EVER?

Read back over them. Can you imagine it?!

No. But we will let ourselves think that way about us! We don’t think of ourselves as mean, but we can be downright cruel when it comes to how we speak to ourselves. Right?

Here’s what I know for sure. Those thoughts, the mean and critical ones, aren’t God’s  thoughts toward me… And if they aren’t His thoughts… then they have no business in my head or in my heart.

So, let’s try this right now before we do anything else. Say this to yourself. It’s cheesy, but you’ll be fine. Just say it.

“I am proud of you.”
“You are great at this.”
“You are doing the best you can.”
“You are a success.”
“You are a blessing to your family.”
“You deserve respect.”
“You deserve love.”
“You deserve appreciation.”
“You deserve kindness.”

Try to speak kindly to yourself. You absolutely deserve it.

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  1. Thanks Becky… needed this ♡ Praying you and your family stays safe.


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