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The pool was closing early for the day. We had arrived not long before, and when the announcement was made… I honestly panicked. If you have ever met a toddler, you are surely aware of their extremely delicate dispositions. Basically, they are always one “no” away from complete meltdown. Toddler mommies spend the majority of…

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Deep Breath. God is Still on the Throne.

Well, it is 10:40. The babies are asleep, and the day is over. I am finally “off-duty” for a minute. All of the day’s “I’ll think about that laters” are bubbling to the surface of my mind like I just dropped Alka-Seltzer into a cup of sprite. Test results Bills Upcoming trips Health All of…

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To My Sweet Boy After Your First Day of Preschool

To my sweet boy after your first day of preschool… What a fun day you had! You were so brave, too. You haven’t been away from momma much… And other than a few close friends and family you definitely haven’t been around many other kids. No daycares for you… No big play groups or mommy…

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Hope After Miscarriage

It was a cool rainy September morning just like this one. On that morning, five years ago, hope was fading and fear was taking over my heart. I had been in agony for almost a week. My first appointment with my OB was not scheduled for another month, and I couldn’t get in to see…

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Five Minute Friday: Worship

Hello all! I am linking up with the folks over at Five Minute Friday, today. Writers from across the globe gather together and all write for five minutes flat on the same subject. Follow this link for more information! This week’s topic. Worship. GO Worship: The purpose of man. When God made man, He created within…

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You’re Doing Okay, Mom

Our quick trip to the grocery store began like every other. Fights over who got to sit in the “baby” seat and who had to walk or ride in the cart and “can we buy this” and “I want that”… Goodness. I was a frazzled mess as always playing referee and keeping glass bottles from…

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To Mr. Gary England – Thank You

Well, tonight, after 40 years at KWTV, Oklahoma’s beloved Gary England graced our TV screens from behind the News9 weather desk as the chief meteorologist for the last time. We have known for years the impact that Mr. England has had on the world of meteorology. I am sure he has shelves of awards to testify to it……

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To Women Who Have Chosen Abortion – I Am Sorry

I cannot tell you all of the things that had to happen to bring me to a place of deep sorrow on a night last fall, but I can tell you that my heart was forever changed in a moment. Growing up in an evangelical Christian home, I have always had a “pro-life” position on the…

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Sweet Little Bride…

Dear 19 year old bride with love in your eyes… What a beautiful wedding day! It really couldn’t have been better. The powerless reception hall and the standing water on the indoor dance floor were a little unexpected. Of course, no power meant dinner by emergency lights, a hardened chocolate ‘fountain’, oh and music playing…

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Five Minute Friday: LAST

Tonight, I decided to participate in a blogger link-up where quick writing gals share their thoughts over the same topic in just five minutes flat. It really got my creative juices flowing, and I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to stop my timer! It was super fun and reeeeally hard not to edit! Here…

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Step 1.) Love God Step 2.) Love Others

This is becoming a trend in my life recently… and I love it. I was getting dressed a few mornings ago while God and I were having a little conversation. I will be honest. It was mostly me talking. He’s really gracious like that. He lets me talk and talk and talk and when I’m…

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I Got to Go Back

A couple of weeks ago, my husband had an appointment in a city 2 hours away… in a different state… and the kids and I decided to go with him. We were finishing up our trip and stopped to get some ice cream. At the restaurant, my husband and I both took notice of the…

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Mommy Makeover Winner!

I have been looking forward to spending the day with my new friend, Jessica, since I officially announced her to be the winner of the first Mommy Makeover Contest. If you missed the details as to how she entered and won, you can click HERE! Jessica’s dear friend, Whitney, attended high school with me and…

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The Welder’s Wife

My husband and I were on our way to a simple date night last Saturday. It was one of the first we have been on in a while. He has been working just under 2 hours away from home and the long drives and hard days drain on him. I was excited to spend time…

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What’s In Your Bag?

You know it is going to be an interesting day when God tells you to put your anointing oil in your diaper bag.  Okay, so I can hear some of you now saying, “Umm wait… what does she mean ‘God tells you?’”  So, a few  years ago… 8 to be exact… I spent my summer…

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