I saw you come in with your sweet kids the other day – one on your hip and one around your leg. I watched as you ordered your lunch, and then set the baby on the counter to dig through the diaper bag for your wallet. I wanted to cheer for you as they handed you your drinks, and you somehow managed to get a toddler, a baby, a diaper bag and three drinks back to your table without any spills. Very impressive. Honestly, I would have helped, but I was in the middle of my own lunchtime adventure.

I couldn’t help but recognize myself in your shoes.

I loved them by the way – your shoes. Super cute. I could tell that you had made an effort in what you decided to wear that day. But girl, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I noticed that just above your adorable infinity scarf were sleepless eyes on a makeup-less face surrounded by messy hair.

I did the same thing. I threw on some cute clothes, but with no time to fix my hair or makeup, called it good enough and wrangled three little kids out the door to do whatever errands I needed to get done today before naptime.

Don’t worry – we’ll fix ourselves up later.

First, it was an extra straw. Your oldest dropped his on the floor before it could even make it into his cup. And then, it was extra napkins for the spilled drink.

And after they brought your food, you spent the next 10 minutes getting ketchups opened and nuggets cooled and spills wiped.

And just as you were about to find a minute to take a bite of your own food, the kids declared that they were done and were ready to go play in the play area.

Don’t worry. We’ll eat… later.

It’s the story of our lives isn’t it?

The kids are awake early and demanding breakfast? I’ll sleep later.

The baby needed a new outfit after a messy diaper? I’ll get myself dressed nicely later.

We’ll get our make-up on, and our roots dyed, and maybe even a proper shower… later.

The kids are finally buckled into the car but you really need to “go?” Don’t worry, I’m sure your post baby bladder can handle 20 minutes until you get home… you can go later.

The baby is screaming at the store but you need to grab the one item left on your list that was for you? Forget it. You’ll buy it later.

It will finally be our turn… later.

And as I watched you bag up the nuggets that they will want to eat when they are finished playing, I thought to myself, “It’s worth it you know.”

All of the times that we get to be mommy? All of the moments that are completely ordinary and yet often completely overwhelming? They’re worth it.

All of the times that you have sacrificed for your kids might seem to go unnoticed, but today, I want you to know that I see you. Right in the middle of your beautiful chaos. And seeing what we do as important and meaningful and worth it? Well, friend, that’s one thing that just cannot wait until later.


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