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They walked in the door from school, took off their shoes, and immediately began fighting with each other. “Hey, guys. Let’s put our shoes away. They don’t go in the middle of the floor.” They weren’t listening. They were already arguing about who got to hold, well, does it really matter what toy it was? I’m not sure they really cared about the toy either. They were just looking for a chance to fuss at one another.

“Guys! Hey! Kids!” I shouted up to the playroom. “Please play nicely or you’re going to have to come down here! Kids?! Can you hear Momma’s voice?!”

But all I could hear were louder cries and arguing echoing down from the top of the stairs.

Some days, it seems like all I do is talk AT them. There are moments where I can feel my words bouncing back at me, none of them sinking in, none of them being heard.

And I repeat – repeat – repeat myself, and I find myself saying things like, “Well, if you had just listened to Mommy we wouldn’t have spilled that drink, or fallen off the step, or lost our favorite toy down the side of the bed.”

If they had only listened…

There are so many moments in a Momma’s life where we feel unheard, where our words don’t seem to matter, where the things that we have to say just become white noise in the background.

And it is more than just feeling as though our words are unheard. We feel unheard.

It’s easy for Mommas to fall into feeling that way. And it’s easy for us to lose our voice in other areas of our lives, because we don’t always feel like we have a voice at home.

But today? I get to be the one to remind you that your voice matters. You matter. The things you have to say, the thoughts and feelings and expectations of your heart, the fears, the concerns, the ideas that bounce around and need a place to land?

All of it matters. Because what you have to say is important. And there are people waiting on the other side of your voice. There are people waiting to hear what only you can say in only the way that YOU can say it.

So whether you blog about life at home, or to encourage other moms and women in similar situations, or you blog recipes and craft ideas, there are words that only YOU can say. And, friend? You never know what or who is waiting on the other side of your screen!

Keep talking, friend! I’m listening!






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