IMG_4089Did you think it all over? – The day, I mean.

Have you had a chance to replay all of your moments? To rethink your choices? To come up with half a dozen ways you could have or should have done it differently? Have you made promises for how tomorrow will be different?

Tomorrow, you’ll have more patience. Tomorrow, you won’t worry so much. Tomorrow, you’ll shake the to-do list and try to be happy mommy.

Happy mommy will fuss less, stress less, and obsess less. She’s in there somewhere. She’s just usually really busy.

But tomorrow… tomorrow will be better.

At least that’s what you tell yourself tonight.

So while we wait for the promise of tomorrow, can I tell you something tonight since you’re up scrolling¬†after everyone else is asleep?

Lean in close.

You did hard work today.

It’s hard being you – harder than most people know – harder than you’ve ever admitted out loud. And sometimes you see your life through the eyes of others looking in and think, “My days don’t look that hard. My life doesn’t seem that difficult. Many many people have much more trying days than me.”

But I believe that the Lord wants you to know something about that tonight.

He sees it.

He knows how much you shoulder. He understands how some of your most ordinary days can take all you have to offer. And while you don’t look like you’re struggling, He sees how much you’re giving… because you love so much.

It’s why you care so much. It’s why you hope and pray and promise yourself that tomorrow will be better. It’s because you love them.

You love them fiercely, and you don’t want any moment of weakness on your part to take anything away from all of the good and love and life they deserve.

But can we both acknowledge something right here together?

That fierce love that you feel for your kids? That’s how the Lord feels about you.

And here at the end of the day, He’s not sitting down with a legal pad to go over how tomorrow had better be different or else.

He’s offering a lap for you to crawl up into while He holds you and says how proud He is of how hard you tried.

Tomorrow is coming, and it we will have another chance to start again. But tonight, we have this open invitation to sit with Jesus and tell Him exactly how we feel… and then listen as He says to us, “I know… ¬†and it’s going to be okay, because I love you.”

So now I pray that the Lord would supernaturally multiply the rest that you get tonight. I pray together that whatever sleep you get would be enough to sustain you through the day tomorrow. We agree together that we will put down heaviness and pick up hope. We trust that the love God has for us is more than enough to carry us through everything that is up ahead…. whether it be another long night of babies… or long summer days full of activities. And right now in this moment, we choose grace for what has been and ask the Lord to settle a peace over our hearts for what will be. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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