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october 10, 2021

Tonight we pray for the momma who is facing what looks like a scary week. Lord, thank you for being with us in every scary, fearful or difficult situation. Thank you for helping us to have courage and be brave. Thank you for being right beside us when we don’t feel brave or even very strong. Lord, You know what each momma faces this week and You are going with her and watching over her. Bless each one tonight, we pray and we ask for strength for this journey. In Jesus’s name, Amen. MIDNIGHT MOM DEVOTIONAL

365 prayers to put your momma heart to rest

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I love this devotional! I pray for my daughters and my daughters-in-law along with millions of women around the world.

– Cindy L.

I cannot recommend this book enough. I love how I can think of a different momma to pray for each night. I keep this one by my bed.

– Karlee T.

A GREAT GIFT! I have bought so many copies of this book. I gift them to new moms, tired moms, moms who just need to know they aren’t alone.

– Rebecca K.

Hi! We are Susan Pitts and Becky Thompson. We are a mother-daughter team working to support mommas through prayer and encouragement.

In 2013, Becky Thompson created a website and gathered an audience of mommas.

With three young children of her own, Becky knew that the middle of the night is often one of the loneliest times for moms no matter the season of motherhood.

So on November 26, 2015, Becky began to post prayers and short devotions at midnight on Facebook.

She called her post series – Midnight Mom Devotional.

Becky asked her own mom, Susan Pitts, to help with the growing community, and it was Susan who had the idea to pray for one specific need nightly, creating the familiar format:

Tonight we pray for the momma who…

Today over 1.5 million mommas have become part of our Midnight Mom Devotional community. We would love for you to join us.

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