Modest Momma Style: Summer Capsule Wardrobe

About a year ago, I started participating in the Instagram #coasttocoastchallenge. Two gals I went to school with started challenging each other to reinvent their closets by trying their clothes in ways that reflected the latest trends. They invited their friends to join and now every Tuesday and Thursday girls from across the country hashtag coasttocoastchallenge with that day’s particular mision. You should check them out at! They are doing things beyond just connecting women through fashion, and it is awesome!

Well, inspired by the idea to use pieces that I already have, I decided to pull a few of my “go-to” pieces from my closet and try them in as many different ways as I could create. So, here is my first set of 7 pieces and this time I came up with 9 different looks. Try to mix it! We are all guilty of grabbing the same pieces over and over. Try adding a belt and vest to take your sundress in a whole different direction! Have fun and mix it up!

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