Five Minute Friday: Together

Hey friend. Just wanted to take a minute and say, “You’re doing okay, and you’re going to make it.”

It might seem hard right now, but you’re not alone. As alone as you might feel in this moment, you are not. God sees you. He knows your heart. He knows your deepest fears, your biggest regrets, and your secret shame… and He loves you more than anything.

It is one thing you don’t have to try for… you can never earn His love. It’s there on the days you feel it, and the days that you don’t. It’s free. A gift just for you.  

I know it gets hard sometimes. I know that you feel like no one could ever understand what it is like to be you.

I know that sometimes you hide.

I know you hide behind small smiles and forced friendships. You hide yourself in the business of your day. You hide yourself in laundry and in paperwork and in errands and emails. But you don’t have to.

Not too long ago I was convinced that friendships make life messy. They are time-consuming and exhausting. But you know what I have found? I have found that it is easier to be scared when we are alone. It is easier to be discouraged when we are alone. It is easier to lose hope when we are alone.

We are so much better together. Because when we take the time to “do life together” with other women and friends we find out….

Maybe we aren’t alone after all.

Maybe we are all just the same:

When we come out from under the lie that says, “You are all alone,” we can begin to see the Truth. We can begin to recognize ourselves in one another. Our sisters in Christ. Beautiful. Powerful. Precious. His.

So, friend, I am so glad you have found your way to this place. I promise you will not be burdened by the words you find here. There will be no condemnation. There will be no shortage of love.

Let’s link up arms, because we can find encouragement for today and hope for tomorrow on a road walked together.



Today I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the women of Five Minute Friday. The idea is simple. Write for five minutes flat on the week’s posted topic. Then post your link HERE to connect with other like hearted women. Join us?


  • I love these encouraging words….”we are so much better together.”
    Well said indeed. Some days we all need to hear that right? I even love the picture on your sidebar, you are not my competition, plays right along with the #fmf theme of Together. We are in this together on the same team! Thanks for sharing :)

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