For Those Who Won’t Be Home For The Holidays

On the other side of the world, there is a soldier defending freedom. He has been gone for many days. Each one a sacrifice. Each one pressing a little harder against the already sore place in his heart. He longs for home. Home full of love and safety and security. And while each day is hard, the hardest? Are the holidays. He won’t be home this Christmas – and yet there is nothing that he wants more.

Just a few states away, there is a wife who is with her new husband. She has made her house beautiful for the holidays. She has added lights and charm and filled their space with love. But as she celebrates with her new family, she cannot help but think about her own family. The family that she left behind when she changed her last name. And while there is so much joy, there is also a place in her heart that misses what was familiar… that wishes she were home.

In a hospital room, a tired dad has returned from a short break to the cafeteria. He sits beside his baby’s crib watching her breathe in and out, listening to the monitors beep, and praying for a miracle. This is not how he planned on spending his first Christmas as a dad. And while his heart is full and his hope still high, he knows that they will spend Christmas in the same place. So he continues to pray that soon he will be able to take his baby home.

On a bus with other children who are gleefully awaiting Christmas break, a small child stares out the window. What he wants so desperately won’t be under any tree. He filled out a list, and some nice people are going to make sure that he has clothes that fit and maybe even some new shoes, but what he really wants… is a family. What he is wishing for… is a home.

Home is a word that means many things to many people. This holiday season, I want to take a minute to remember those who won’t be home for the holidays. To those who are away, and to those who are left behind, I want to simply say, “May your hearts be comforted with peace, may you continue with hopeful expectation of joyful days to come, and may each of you make it safely home.”

Merry Christmas.

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  • eileen says:

    My brother moved to Colorado last year right after Christmas. This is the first year we will celebrate without him being “home” for Christmas. We always feel a little selfish when I we think about the sacrifices other families continuously make… Loved ones they’ve lost- we know they are grieving in a severe and unending way, loved ones in the military who can’t make it home because they are fight for our freedom- we know the only reason we get to celebrate so freely is because they’re constantly on guard. But still, we miss him. We wish he was home to open presents on Christmas morning with us. To drink Bailey’s in his Christmas coffee mug and tease my little sister about how spoiled she is. Even though the rest of us have moved out and/or gotten married and started celebrating our own Christmas traditions, this year without him home will just be so drastically different and we weren’t quite expecting the heavy toll its been.

  • Caley says:

    Wow, this is so beautiful but yet also so sad. It was a good reminder to me that as I sit and moan at how I won’t be in my own home this Christmas – I still have so much love and joy and gratitude for the special things in my life x

  • I love reading your daily posts. What you write often speaks to my heart. This Christmas my already divided family (my biological family being strewn across the words) and my new family (the one I married but is now in the process of divorce) will not be together for the first time, and it is so hard, but I know I will make it through and I’m not alone this Christmas. In spirit all those who are separated can be together. I’m thinking of everyone who can’t be home for Christmas. Thank you.

  • Geri Fletcher says:

    All of the true stories I’ve thus far read, are beautifully written from the heart & have & will touch many lives. Thank you for being so transparent & real. May Papa God continue to bless you, fill you with His peace, grace & mercy. May He heal heart wounds of all of your readers.😊

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