You Figured it Out

figured it out

They sent you home with this little life. There was no instruction manual or easy user guide. There wasn’t a cheat sheet. All you had was your baby and your best judgment and God’s endless grace for the new mom.

But you figured it out.

You figured out what each cry meant. You figured out how to tell when your little one was hungry, or tired, or wet. You figured out just how to hold them, or rock them, or soothe them… because you are Momma.

As your little one grew and you were gifted with bucket loads of advice, you sorted through the stories and the guaranteed tricks. You weeded out all of the “this is the only way… or best way… or right way to do it” advice. You learned your little one, and you learned yourself, and together you figured out what worked best for you both.

As each new milestone came and went, as each moment transitioned into the next, you kept figuring it out. You made it work. You continued to rely on your heart and the quiet prompting that continued to guide you. And just when you were sure that you had it all figured out…

You looked around and realized the purest truth of motherhood.

You figured out that being a mom means never having it all figured out.

It means continuing to grow as a woman and as a mother as your little one grows in your heart and in your home. It means continuing to reach out with open arms and embrace new situations and new obstacles knowing that the only way to face them is with your knees on the ground and your heart bent in prayer. You figured out that in order to press forward, you must continually fall back into the arms of the only One who can carry both you and your baby.

Sure, Momma… there will come a day when it all gets easier. There will come a day when you are more confident. There will come a day when you have it all figured out. But the truth is, sweet sister, it won’t mean that you know it all. It will mean that you can admit you were never supposed to.

And that is one thing… I’m just now figuring out myself.



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  • Marissa says:

    We’re having our first baby this July. I’m excited my book is coming a day sooner! I look forward to rereading your book as our baby grows. A friend of mine is having a baby around the same time and she is doing a book in replacement of a card at her baby shower. I think Hope Unfolding will be the winner.

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