A Different Sort of Stretch Mark

I put this stinky cream on my belly twice a day while I was pregnant with my son in an attempt to avoid stretch marks. I read that certain foods helped with skin elasticity and that there were vitamins I could take to help my skin heal as well. But if the lotions and the…

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The Christian Who Didn’t Care About a Cup

I will be the first to say that I don’t agree with all of the views that Starbucks has shared over the last few years. I will be the first to say that I don’t drink their coffee. But it is not because of the color or design of their cup or the beliefs of…

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Why I Let Her Dress Like That in Public

Getting my daughter dressed for school is one of my least favorite parts of my morning routine. Well, that is until today. Today, I decided to do things a little differently. I guess if we want to be technical, I actually made this decision late last night after my four year old had finally fallen…

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To the Momma of the Anxious Child

Okay, we’ve done this every morning for the last nine weeks. It’s the same classroom, the same teachers, the same kids. We know how the morning will go, and that mommy comes to pick you up after you play outside and you eat your snack. It’s the same every single day. So, today, we’re just…

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An Open Letter to Carrie Underwood (and Every Other Mom) Concerning Mom-Guilt:

Today, I was scrolling through Facebook while my kids played quietly with toys. For the record, I give my kids 100% of my attention. I do not ignore them, but when they are entertaining themselves, I will take my own mental health break and scroll mindlessly for a few minutes through my newsfeeds. (Also, I’m…

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I Had a Miscarriage

It was a simple picture posted to social media. A man sitting behind his wife with his arms wrapped around her… hands gently resting on the sides of her tummy. She wore the world’s brightest smile and a shirt that read, “Momma-To-Be.” It was how they would announce… We are expecting! It had only been…

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To the Momma of the Strong-Willed Child

I can’t remember where I saw you last. It might have been the grocery store – the place that most mommies dread – but the place you especially dislike visiting. There are too many opportunities for hard there. Hard as in, “No, we can’t have that thing you want today and there isn’t anything I’m…

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Calling All Bloggers

When I first began blogging in 2013, I had no idea what I was doing. I mean… I suppose that is not completely accurate. I knew how to operate a basic WordPress blog, because I was a photographer, and I kept a blog to showcase my work. But I had no idea how to maintain…

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To My Husband Now That I’m Mommy

Maybe I should have said this a long time ago. Maybe this is the heart behind many of my other writings. Maybe I should have just found a few minutes to put into words what my heart has wanted to say for a while now. So, to my sweet husband, a few things I want…

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For My Daughter and For Yours

Yesterday, I took a picture with my daughter and posted it to Facebook. In the caption, I wrote: “She thinks you’re beautiful momma. You are just her favorite. They say that the relationship between a girl and her momma changes over time. They warn us that one day our little girls might not be our…

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The Best of Me

  Well, the day is over. The kids are in bed, and I’m sitting here knowing that tomorrow pretty much looks just like today. Because while the details might be slightly different, the pattern of endless giving and caring and pouring my heart out won’t change. This… is my day. (Maybe you can relate.) Wake…

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“Let Me Hold the Baby” & Other Sexy Things My Husband Says

He came in from a long day of work and took his boots off by the front door. I was standing in the living room trying to fold the clothes with one arm while holding a baby with the other. Our oldest two had abandoned the Disney Junior show that they were watching, and had…

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When You Feel Like There’s Nothing You Can Do…

This page is a place of grace. It is a place of love. It is a place where we listen as mothers and as women to the truth of the Father spoken over our lives. It’s safe here. Your heart… it is safe here. So often we discuss the realities of motherhood. So often we…

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The Day that Love Won: A Response to the Supreme Court’s Ruling

We were on vacation. That is what I will tell my children when they ask where we were the day that the Supreme Court made a ruling that would allow same-sex marriage nationwide. I had signed off of social media for the week… I had lost track of my days and dates… and our biggest…

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To My Husband: Now That You Are Daddy

  When we were dating, I liked to imagine what you would be like as a daddy someday. You would do something funny, and I would think, “Awww. See. He’s going to be such a fun dad.” Or you would do something purposefully kind, and I would say to myself, “Yes! He’s going to be…

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