My Life

Why We Moved to Los Angeles

I was standing at my kitchen sink in February, making dinner (but first cleaning the dishes from all of the other meals and snacks of the day)… when I heard Him. “When the offer comes in, take it and go.” I looked around the house. There was worship music playing in the background. The kids…

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My Life

God Used 5 Minutes of Awkwardness & Bravery

If Oklahoma taught me anything, it was how to be friendly. As it turns out, being friendly is super important when it comes to meeting new people and making new friends in a town 1200 miles away from home. We are in LA now. That’s not Louisiana either if you were wondering. No, we moved across…

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For Mommas

What It Feels Like To Parent A Child With Anxiety

When your child is young and it is time for bed, you walk into the room ahead of them, and turn on the nightlight. You might find the special blanket or lovie, you might even turn on the closet light and open the closet door… You do these things because you love your child. You…

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