Have you ever arrived at a website and wondered what you’re supposed to do next? Where do you click? Who is talking to you? Why should you care? Let’s answer some of those questions. First, welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I’m Becky Thompson, but I don’t look much like my polished profile picture. I’m actually more like the mom in last night’s t-shirt trying to think of nice words that make you want to stay, because I think there’s something here you need to read.

If you click the menu bar above, you’ll find a few different categories. You’ll also find a “Start Here” tab. That’s obviously a great place to begin. Anyway, I think you and I will be great friends! At least, that’s my hope! My prayer is that this page becomes like a refueling station for your soul. That sounds super cheesy. I know. I agree. But, sister! Sometimes we don’t even realize how desperate we are for hope until someone offers it. And that’s what I’ve got. Plenty of hope. And I believe? Hope is best when shared! So where do you go from here? I’ll leave that up to you! But I hope you’ll stay.


You are a D@#$ Good Mom

My five year old daughter, Kadence, has this mirror we hung in her room a few birthdays ago so she could pretend to have her own dance studio. (It was in her brief ballerina phase.) I don’t know what it is about that mirror, but she’s always sassier when she stands in front of it.…

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We Pre Three: The Ultimate Date Night Giveaway

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You had a baby. Maybe a year ago, maybe a few years ago… maybe many years ago. And when “we” became “three,” something changed. Okay, a lot changed. Look, I don’t know the circumstances at your house, but I know baby likely meant you didn’t get to connect the…

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For Mommas

“Will It Be Enough?”

I ask myself every year, “Will it be enough?” No matter how many presents are under the Christmas tree, no matter how special I try and make the day, no matter how many surprises I can or can’t pull off, I always wonder, “Will my love be enough for my family?” I always wonder if…

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