Why We Must Refuse to Look Away
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Why We Must Refuse to Look Away: Did You See What Happened at Starbucks?

  In 2008, I was a photographer who worked out of my home. Twice a month, I would meet potential clients at a local Starbucks. Often, I would arrive early and find a good place for us to sit and talk. I did not always order before my future clients arrived. It’s important that you…

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Welcome Back to International Women’s Day

Good morning! Welcome back to International Women’s Day. Yup, you read that right. See, yesterday I was so busy taking care of my three kids sick with the flu that I didn’t even have a chance to get online and celebrate with everyone, and that’s when it hit me.   Y’all. Why is there just…

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For Mommas

When You Can’t Be Everything for Everyone

I get it. You looked into their sweet little eyes and wondered, “Do you feel like I’m too busy? Do you know that I feel like I’m failing you?” You looked at your husband and thought, “Do you know that I wish there was more time for us, too? Like, do you know that I…

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