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If you’re here for the first time, I’m so glad you found your way here! I always wonder what brings each person to this site! How did you find it? Maybe you thought it was just another link, and you clicked it. But maybe… maybe you found your way here for a reason, and maybe any second you’ll read an article and say, “This! This is why I am here!” This space online is a place of grace. It is safe. There is encouragement. There is hope. And there are millions (YES. You read that right!) of women who feel just like you… even if our stories are all unique. I am so glad that you would join us! One of the best places to go from here is the Most Shared category featured below.  But if you’re curious like me, I always go to the About section to find out who I’m talking to and why they think they might have something I need to hear.  If you are encouraged while you’re here, we would love to have you join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! We are under the name Scissortail SILK.

For Mommas

You’re Supposed to Love This

There’s this ache that says, “You’re supposed to love this. You’re supposed to love this and be better at all of this. There’s probably something wrong with you. You need to figure it out. Get it together. Figure out how to make yourself enjoy it all more.” And you believe it. So you look around…

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The End of Abortion in America 2
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The Answer to End Abortion in America

  As a member of the body of Christ, it is my absolute responsibility to make sure that what I say and what I do reflects the heart of God and the love of Jesus. It is my purpose to point people to Him in all things, and my sole mission in every conversation to…

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For Mommas

How My Dad’s 40 Year Old Secret Saved My Marriage

Space. You can feel it. That space in between you and your husband… You’re not quite sure where it came from, but you know it’s there. And some days it seems like it is growing. Things used to be different. Before kids became a part of your story, things were so very different. There was…

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