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This One Step Will Help You Keep Every Other Resolution

I was scrolling through my newsfeed, and I saw all of the ads prompting me to make certain resolutions with the promise of a product that would help me keep each resolution. Those ad campaigns know my demographic well. They know we care about decluttered houses, better marriages, happier mothering, simplified routines, more present lives,…

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Last Minute (Amazon Prime) Stocking Stuffers!

If you’re anything like me, you just started your Christmas shopping… and Christmas is a week away. Praise the Lord for Amazon Prime! So, to take at least one thing off of your to-do list, here are some last minute (totally Primeable) stocking stuffers for the little ones in your life!   Also, yes, these…

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Why We Moved to Los Angeles

I was standing at my kitchen sink in February, making dinner (but first cleaning the dishes from all of the other meals and snacks of the day)… when I heard Him. “When the offer comes in, take it and go.” I looked around the house. There was worship music playing in the background. The kids…

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God Used 5 Minutes of Awkwardness & Bravery

If Oklahoma taught me anything, it was how to be friendly. As it turns out, being friendly is super important when it comes to meeting new people and making new friends in a town 1200 miles away from home. We are in LA now. That’s not Louisiana either if you were wondering. No, we moved across…

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What It Feels Like To Parent A Child With Anxiety

When your child is young and it is time for bed, you walk into the room ahead of them, and turn on the nightlight. You might find the special blanket or lovie, you might even turn on the closet light and open the closet door… You do these things because you love your child. You…

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Christians VS Elves

Moms, Here’s Our Christmas Game Plan Huddle

I can see you over there… trading out your regular anxiety and stress for festive holiday anxiety and stress.   The last of the turkey leftovers have been eaten, and it’s officially Christmas time.   Magical. Your neighbor’s Christmas lights are going up and so are the expectations you feel to make this season special…

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Before You Buy ONE Christmas Present…

I was scrolling through Facebook, minding my own business, when I came across this video. Forest Hill South Park church in North Carolina absolutely hit the nail on the head with this post. (Turn your phone sideways to see the full-sized video.) FOR MORE CHRISTMAS INSPIRATION: CLUTTER-FREE HEART & HOME BEFORE CHRISTMAS HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR…

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Strong Mom

Strong Mom.

I imagine you sitting on your couch – a baby crawling on the floor or in your lap… maybe an older brother or sister playing nearby. You’re going to have to think about their next meal or snack or diaper soon or maybe you’ll need to go get bigger kids from school soon – which means you’ll…

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Maybe If We Said It This Way They Would Hear Us…

A few weeks ago, I read an article shared on social media about a mother who allegedly gave birth at work and then attempted to flush her baby down the toilet. She was discovered and arrested. I was sick to my stomach, but before I kept scrolling, I read a few comments on the article.…

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spiritled mom

When A Spirit-Led Mom Remembers Who She Really Is

Sometimes my heart becomes absolutely overwhelmed. Does this ever happen to you? You know the Truth of who God is, and yet you become so focused on… just… everything else happening around you? From babies to grandbabies, a mother’s heart never stops thinking of those she’s given to love. So many people and projects and…

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parenting your child

When What’s Best For Your Child Doesn’t Make Sense to Anyone Else

It’s nine o’clock AM, and I am sitting outside my daughter’s first grade classroom with my laptop open and my heart a little nervous. The school, built decades ago, isn’t setup like most. The classrooms open up to a central library. And while you might think that noise or distractions would prevent little minds from…

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The Answer For Charlottesville… The Answer for All of Us

I think many of us are finally sorting through our thoughts after the events that unfolded in Charlottesville this weekend. I know that my emotions have been all over the place. I’ve been disgusted. I’ve been afraid. I’ve felt angry. I’ve felt helpless. I have felt as if more should be done and wondered how…

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square summer

Summer’s Final Call

“That’s it! It’s time to come in now! We’re going to have to get ready for bed, because school starts tomorrow.” It was the last call of the summer. It seems as though my kids have spent more hours out of the house than in it over the last few months. They played in our…

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The First Time I Met An Angel

The first time I met an angel, I was at an elementary school field trip attended by nearly the entire Oklahoma City metro area. Multiple schools from multiple districts had sent busloads of students to the event center. I honestly can’t remember anything about the program except some guy standing on stage, singing about er-er-er-erosion…

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Sinking Facebook

Truth For the Woman Who Feels Like She’s Sinking

It was windy that night. I’m not sure how windy. The story doesn’t say. Scripture just says the boat was already some distance from land, battered by the waves, because the wind was against them. You know this story. It’s the one where Jesus (and Peter) walk on water. Remember? Jesus’s disciples are in a…

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