Hearing God: Part 1

In several of my previous posts, I have used the phrase, “I heard God say.” It is a bold thing to declare that you have heard the voice of the Lord. While I am confident that I know His voice and recognize when He is speaking to me, it hasn’t always been this way. I…

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Modest Momma Style: Fall

Well, a few weeks ago, I posted my new favorite cardigan from Pearl Junkie in Enid. That sweet little cardigan has gone ’round the world and lovely babes from all over are buying theirs up. (I don’t really talk like this in real life… who says babes?) I guess I do… Moving on… Anyway, I…

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Five Minute Friday: Write

It is Friday, and that means I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the women of Five Minute Friday. Simple concept… bloggers from all over “gather” and write for five mintues flat on one particular topic. Then, we link up here to share our thoughts. You should join us! Today’s prompt: WRITE GO. I…

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My Promise for Today

I don’t know what I imagined being a momma would be like…but this was certainly not it. The screaming fits for a pink sucker that we do not have in the pantry. The great, big, from the depths of his soul tears for the green light-up shoes instead of the red ones. The frustrations of enormous…

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When Love Runs

“Mommmmaaaaa!!!” There is terror in his voice. I jump up and stumble towards the door bashing my thigh into the footboard of our bed. I put my hands on the doorframe to steady myself and open my eyes for the first time. Thunder is crashing outside, and the wind is shrieking. MOOOOmmmmaaa!! He is crying…

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That’s Where Mommy Was…

I push my babies on the swings in our backyard almost every night. Over the last few months, we have spent hours on those swings. I push, and they giggle and chat and sing and kick their little feet pretending to run through the air. I wouldn’t trade the time that we have spent in…

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DIY: Dining Room Chalkboard

Well, I will be honest. I do not always have “seasonal” decorations. This is one of the first years that I have decorated for a season other than Christmas… but fall is upon us… and this year, the crisp air and warm afternoon light were enough to make me start a DIY project and get my dining room buffet…

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Five Minute Friday: True

For the my first Five Minute Friday readers… This is a blog link up hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker where writers from across the globe join together to write for five minutes flat on one specific subject. No extreme editing… Just five minutes from the heart. This week, our prompt is “True.” Go. I strive to always…

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Dear Church: We Have Missed It

Yesterday, I found myself enjoying the afternoon sunlight – a welcome fall guest in my living room. Our west facing windows that have been drawn tight to shut out the blistering summer rays were finally flung open. Gladly received sunbeams flooded through the two large windows seeking out every dusty corner and consuming every sly…

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You are Not My Competition

It was 5:15, and I was finally making it to the grocery store. I just needed to grab a few things, and since I had no clue what I was going to make for dinner… a frozen pizza was added to my list. There is only one grocery store in our small town, and I…

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Let Hope Rise…

When I was young, I suffered from night terrors. I would wake up in the middle of the night and find myself in a hazy place between sleep and consciousness terrified of things that would never happen. I remember waking up one night in my momma’s arms. I was crying hysterically, and she was singing sofly to me.…

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Five Minute Friday: She

So, to challenge myself, I have linked up again with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Every Friday, a prompt is given, and bloggers from across the globe give their best stuff in just five minutes. No over thinking… minimal editing… and a quick spattering of thoughts on a simple prompt. Tonight’s prompt: SHE Go…

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For When You Cannot See Past Today…

I read the end of a book first. I will often search the internet for movie spoilers before paying for my ticket. Oh, and rarely am I surprised by the results of a reality TV game show. I like to know what is coming. I know. I get it. You’re reading this thinking, “Ummm. That’s…

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Just a Donkey

My husband and I took our kids to the State Fair this weekend. My goodness. I could write a series of posts on that adventure… but this little post only takes us about an hour into our ride there. Our pleasant little trip was underway. The kids munched happily on their snacks, and my husband…

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Modest Momma Style: Fall Cardigan

So, let’s just pretend that it’s Fall! Across the country, temperatures are plummeting. Folks are buying up fashionable boots and sipping on warm $6 pumpkin drinks. Kids have gone back to school, and it is officially time to start making preparations for fall festivities. Unless of course, you live in Oklahoma. Usually, by this time, the…

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