Modest Momma Style: Fall Flowy Blouse & Scarf

I was so excited last week when I was contacted by Catch Bliss Boutique. It is always fun discovering new boutiques and even more exciting when new boutiques find me! They have some adorable pieces, folks! This cream blouse with laser cut sleeves is such a fun fall find! Snag one before they are gone!…

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A Pocket Full of Memories

“Mommy….” “Just a second baby.” “Mommy…” “Hang on… mommy is almost done.” “Mommy, do you have a pocket?” “What?” I barely look up from my phone to see what trinket my tiny 2 year old wants me to store for her. “Do you have a pocket, mommy?” “Yes, baby. I have a pocket. What do…

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Five Minute Friday: Laundry

I feel like I need to be honest with you. I wrote this until I looked down and realized it had been well over 5 minutes. But, I had to go all the way around the block. I couldn’t stop and sit down halfway from the house. So, I chose to finish my thought and…

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Modest Momma Style: DIY Boot Socks

Hey you DIY’ers out there. This post, that includes affiliate links, is my favorite fall DIY hack. Here’s our little secret. Are you ready? These aren’t really socks. Which is good, because they have the chunky sweater look at the top, without all the bulk around your toes at the bottom. They loooook like socks. But…

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Modest Momma Style: Leopard Cardigan

The little leopard cardigan is perfect for cooler weather! It is long enough to wear with leggings… to go see your grandma… without feeling embarrassed. I tried it with a long black tunic under it… and it was precious as well. The layering options for this one are endless. These are selling out quickly! Mine came…

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Modest Momma Style: Mini Skirt & Mixed Prints

Hey.  My guess is you have found your way here from Pinterest. 121 thousand others have done just that! This post, with affiliate links, includes an adorable black and white mini dress, easy to wear boots, and a fun scarf. They don’t sell this dress at Hazel & Olive anymore. But you can grab a similar one here…

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Eve’s Nasty Hand-Me-Downs

Two years old and full of spunk – she is the 26 lb version of her momma. She loves her Disney princesses and playing dress up. When she hears music, she flies to her room, digs through her dress-up basket, and comes running with her gown of choice. It is usually the pink one with…

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Fields of Grace

It is warm. The fall sun still has enough heat to warm me as the early afternoon breeze whips around the side of my house. My world is still. A few clicks of a nearby grasshopper and the rattle of vacant swings are the only sounds keeping my thoughts company. I let the fall air…

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Hearing God: Part 1

In several of my previous posts, I have used the phrase, “I heard God say.” It is a bold thing to declare that you have heard the voice of the Lord. While I am confident that I know His voice and recognize when He is speaking to me, it hasn’t always been this way. I…

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Modest Momma Style: Fall

Well, a few weeks ago, I posted my new favorite cardigan from Pearl Junkie in Enid. That sweet little cardigan has gone ’round the world and lovely babes from all over are buying theirs up. (I don’t really talk like this in real life… who says babes?) I guess I do… Moving on… Anyway, I…

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Five Minute Friday: Write

It is Friday, and that means I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the women of Five Minute Friday. Simple concept… bloggers from all over “gather” and write for five mintues flat on one particular topic. Then, we link up here to share our thoughts. You should join us! Today’s prompt: WRITE GO. I…

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My Promise for Today

I don’t know what I imagined being a momma would be like…but this was certainly not it. The screaming fits for a pink sucker that we do not have in the pantry. The great, big, from the depths of his soul tears for the green light-up shoes instead of the red ones. The frustrations of enormous…

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When Love Runs

“Mommmmaaaaa!!!” There is terror in his voice. I jump up and stumble towards the door bashing my thigh into the footboard of our bed. I put my hands on the doorframe to steady myself and open my eyes for the first time. Thunder is crashing outside, and the wind is shrieking. MOOOOmmmmaaa!! He is crying…

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That’s Where Mommy Was…

I push my babies on the swings in our backyard almost every night. Over the last few months, we have spent hours on those swings. I push, and they giggle and chat and sing and kick their little feet pretending to run through the air. I wouldn’t trade the time that we have spent in…

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DIY: Dining Room Chalkboard

Well, I will be honest. I do not always have “seasonal” decorations. This is one of the first years that I have decorated for a season other than Christmas… but fall is upon us… and this year, the crisp air and warm afternoon light were enough to make me start a DIY project and get my dining room buffet…

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