A Poisoned Cupcake: The Truth About Having Children with Food Allergies

Our town holiday parade was a few nights ago. It is a fun way the community kicks off the holiday season. Businesses on main street stay open late as folks enjoy visiting with one another and window shopping. The parade floats throw candy to the kids sitting on the sidewalks while parents sip on coffee and…

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How to Take Photos of Your Kids in Front of the Christmas Tree

Well, it is that time of year! (Well, almost.) Many families that celebrate Christmas enjoy putting up their Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was our family tradition as I was growing up. With Thanksgiving this week, I thought it was the perfect time to share some tips on how to photograph your family…

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More Dangerous Than Competition

A few months ago, I tackled the idea of women and their constant competition with one another. We love to make sure that we are doing okay by comparing ourselves and our abilities to others. We do the silent smile and size up while making hasty judgments of women we don’t know anything about. Since…

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If My Children Do Not Grow Up in Church, I Have Not Failed Them

Growing up, I learned well the system of church. Some of my earliest memories involve Sunday School lessons and nursery friend playdates. Some of my oldest friends I made in church over 20 years ago.  My parents were usually on staff at the various churches we attended, and I have a ton of “behind the…

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Instead of an Excuse – A Prayer

It isn’t even 10 AM, and I have already lost it. I have fussed with my kids and lost my cool about the simplest of things. I am running behind, feel overwhelmed and have misplaced all of my frustrations on those whose hearts trust me. I have not been a safe place for my husband…

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My Husband Does Not Complete Me

My husband does not complete me. No matter how hard he will ever try, no matter how much I want him to, or expect him to, it is not my husband’s job to complete me. I was created to be completed by God. [edit – this was not included in the original post] Not very…

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Bless My Crumby Life

Red light. I reached behind my seat to pick up a fallen straw. It came back with a half-eaten sucker and goldfish dust stuck to it. Gross. I glanced into the backseat. Abandoned socks and shoes, toys and trinkets, crayons and Cheerios were strewn across the floor of my minivan like an explosion of toddler…

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Pinterest Has Taken More Than My Time

You should know how much I love organizing things. My pantry, my closets, my car… I have tricks for organizing giftwrapping and my makeup. I have a strict schedule that helps me remember when to organize what. I have schedules for everything. I keep track of my schedules on all of my DIY chalkboards around…

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One Step Forward

I am not a sporty girl. I know you are shocked, aren’t you? I totally had you fooled. Alright. I know it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. This girl has never played any organized sport. Ever. I did happen to briefly sneak my way onto a cheerleading squad for a few years, but…

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Modest Momma Style: Off the Shoulder Sweater

I love fall for so many reasons. One of them happens to be the fact that I get to put on sweaters as soft as this one. The owner of one of my favorite online boutiques (Hazel and Olive) designed this just for you! Seriously, it is like wearing my favorite bathrobe around all day,…

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You Cannot Keep Leaves on Trees

I opened the driver’s side door and climbed out of our SUV. I was met with the fresh smelling breeze of an Oklahoma March. It was my favorite time of year. I opened the back door and unclipped my son’s clunky car seat from its base. His three month old grin was still new, but…

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Hiding in Plain Sight: A Reminder

If you believe Jesus is the Son of the living God, then you must also know that there is a very real enemy of our souls. He has one simple goal: to lure our hearts away from God. The Word of God says that our enemy wants to kill, steal, and destroy us and everything…

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Five Minute Friday: Together

Hey friend. Just wanted to take a minute and say, “You’re doing okay, and you’re going to make it.” It might seem hard right now, but you’re not alone. As alone as you might feel in this moment, you are not. God sees you. He knows your heart. He knows your deepest fears, your biggest…

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Jesus in the Mess

It was Thursday afternoon just after lunch… I was busy clearing half-eaten chicken nuggets and cheese sandwiches from the table. My dishwasher was full of clean dishes that needed to be put away and my sink was full of dirty dishes that needed some serious attention. Sandwich crusts, bread crumbs, empty cheese wrappers, and juice…

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Modest Momma Style: Fall Flowy Blouse & Scarf

I was so excited last week when I was contacted by Catch Bliss Boutique. It is always fun discovering new boutiques and even more exciting when new boutiques find me! They have some adorable pieces, folks! This cream blouse with laser cut sleeves is such a fun fall find! Snag one before they are gone!…

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