It’s 5:15, and I’m tired. But I’m here with my three children, and I don’t have the option to just stop.

Have you ever felt that way?

I am sure that it has been said more eloquently by someone else. I’m sure that there are ways to talk about the deep exhaustion that is motherhood in poetic verse. But I’m standing here, typing these words out with one simple message:

Sometimes, motherhood means doing it tired.

It means taking your little one to the doctor and keeping them entertained and comfortable as you wait to be seen even though you had a sleepless night yourself.

It means waking to the sound of a crying baby knowing that you will likely hear that sound three more times before the sun rises. Yet you go every time, because sometimes… motherhood means doing it tired.

It means leaving work at the end of the day, and still finding the strength to read the library book, and check the homework, and finish the semester project all before going to bed.

It means squeezing an entire day’s worth of love into the few hours you get to spend with your family.

It means taking the time to address why the kids are fighting, or correct their behavior, or work through tough issues when you would really rather ignore it.

It means making the dinner, and giving the baths, and continuing to engage when you just need a break.

Because sometimes, the shake, or the drink, or the patch, or the diet plan, or the exercise routine, or the extra shots of expresso in your coffee, or the diet coke, or the ten glasses of water, or the full night of sleep, or the extra vitamins, or oils aren’t changing the fact that you just don’t have the energy to keep going.

So what do we do then?

So we take a deep breath, call a friend, borrow hope like sugar from a neighbor, and pray Isaiah 40:29. God, You give power to the weak and strength to the powerless… believing in our hearts that He will come through for us, but knowing that until He does… we will just keep going.

Because sometimes, motherhood just means doing it tired.


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