Modest Momma Style: Leather and Layers

Every now and then I put on an outfit I love and think back to my “fashion blogging” days. Did you know that this site actually began as a fashion/lifestyle blog? Did you know some of my fashion pins were featured by QVC and had 100’s of thousands of repins? Random websites even stole my…

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What’s Happening to Chip & Joanna Gaines Affects All of Us

I thought it was a joke at first. Wait, is someone really upset that a Christian couple who attends a Christian church has a pastor that preaches a widely accepted message found in the Christian Bible? What’s the story here? I’m confused. But it wasn’t a joke, and it’s still not. It began last Tuesday,…

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The One Holiday You Cannot Celebrate This Season – Your Marriage Depends on It

I need to say something. I’m a little nervous about how to say it. I’ve started and restarted over and over, trying to find just the right string of words to make plain the message of my heart. We’re talking about marriage, specifically about saving our marriages. We’re talking about making it past Divorce Day.…

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Clutter-Free Heart & Home Before Christmas

If you’re anything like me, the first batch of Christmas presents that you ordered online should be arriving any day now. Boxes and shipments and trips to the store all mean one thing… there will be more stuff in your house. Call me crazy, but my guess is that idea doesn’t thrill you or you…

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For the Lonely Momma This Holiday Season

My husband asked me to marry him a few days before Christmas. That year, I went to our family Christmas gathering as his fiance. We chatted with relatives about our new love. We ate a full meal and enjoyed delicious desserts. We enjoyed visiting with all of our relatives. The years that followed were much…

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I’m Jealous of My Husband’s Phone

Jared! Jared! Are you listening to me?! He was holding his smart phone reading something not nearly as important as whatever it was I was trying to tell him. The kids were fussing in the background, dinner was on the stove, and I was so frustrated that he wasn’t paying any attention to what I…

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The Civil War of 2016

  I think this is what they call Civil War. We’re imploding as a nation. We’re attacking our own neighbors… our friends. Families are dividing – brother against brother. We’re hurt. We don’t understand. We’re scared, and fear often sounds a lot like anger. There is so much hate. The media might say that Trump’s…

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Well, We Voted… Now What?

Well, we did it. We voted. Some of us stood in line for hours. We stood in line in the rain and in the cold and in the sunshine. We stood in line before work, or on our lunch breaks, or right in the middle of our shifts. We stood in line with babies on…

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3 Things Allergy Parents Want You to Know

  We just came back from our kids’ Halloween parties at school. Now, whether or not you celebrate this holiday in your family, schools often host costume and treat parties this time of year. This year was no different in our small town. But there are a few things that make this time of a…

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“You Christians Are the Worst!” he said.

“You Christians are the worst!” The words stopped me. It was a few years ago, and I was scrolling through the comment section of an online article focused on the latest Christian controversy at the time. Searing words back and forth and from all sides of the issue were spilled like hot tar on an…

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Her Son Wasn’t Wearing Shoes at the Zoo

Her son wasn’t wearing shoes at the zoo.  That wasn’t the first thing I noticed about her or the little blonde-haired boy with her. And the fact that he didn’t have shoes on definitely isn’t the point of this story. But sometimes little bare feet expose our hearts… My husband and I took our three…

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For Every Wife Waiting For Her Husband to Change

I sat on the floor of my bedroom closet. “Why doesn’t he just get it!?” I cried to myself. We were fighting about something so simple, but my heart was overwhelmed by the list I had been keeping for nine years. Everything I wanted him to do differently, every attitude of his I wished that…

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You’re Supposed to Love This

There’s this ache that says, “You’re supposed to love this. You’re supposed to love this and be better at all of this. There’s probably something wrong with you. You need to figure it out. Get it together. Figure out how to make yourself enjoy it all more.” And you believe it. So you look around…

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The End of Abortion in America 2

The Answer to End Abortion in America

  As a member of the body of Christ, it is my absolute responsibility to make sure that what I say and what I do reflects the heart of God and the love of Jesus. It is my purpose to point people to Him in all things, and my sole mission in every conversation to…

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How My Dad’s 40 Year Old Secret Saved My Marriage

Space. You can feel it. That space in between you and your husband… You’re not quite sure where it came from, but you know it’s there. And some days it seems like it is growing. Things used to be different. Before kids became a part of your story, things were so very different. There was…

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