You Will Teach Your Children Abortion2

You Will Teach Your Children the Word Abortion

We will all teach our children the word abortion someday. But what will we say about it? The conversation happened in the car. I can’t remember exactly why the abortion doctor’s name was mentioned… I think it had something to do with an article my husband and I had read in the news… but our…

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You are a D@#$ Good Mom

My five year old daughter, Kadence, has this mirror we hung in her room a few birthdays ago so she could pretend to have her own dance studio. (It was in her brief ballerina phase.) I don’t know what it is about that mirror, but she’s always sassier when she stands in front of it.…

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We Pre Three: The Ultimate Date Night Giveaway

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You had a baby. Maybe a year ago, maybe a few years ago… maybe many years ago. And when “we” became “three,” something changed. Okay, a lot changed. Look, I don’t know the circumstances at your house, but I know baby likely meant you didn’t get to connect the…

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“Will It Be Enough?”

I ask myself every year, “Will it be enough?” No matter how many presents are under the Christmas tree, no matter how special I try and make the day, no matter how many surprises I can or can’t pull off, I always wonder, “Will my love be enough for my family?” I always wonder if…

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Christian Women & Anxiety

Before I begin, I’d like to take a second to introduce myself. If you’re visiting my page for the first time, I think it’s important that you know who you’re talking to. My name is Becky Thompson, and I started this website in 2013. I have been married for ten years to my husband, Jared.…

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Dear Stranger: Here’s How to Speak to My Shy (Selective) Kid

I used to call my daughter shy, but then I decided that our children hear, listen, and believe what we say about them. And while she might actually be shy, she’s also very brave. And I would rather her remember that she’s brave and wild and adventurous than believe the label I give her every…

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The Seven Year Chair

We wandered around a boutique-like store full of baby furniture and the hottest nursery items. We had nearly everything we needed before our first baby arrived just a few weeks later. There was only one item left to complete our little boy’s nursery. I wanted a comfy rocking chair. The store had everything from antique…

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Christian Women & (A Darker) Christian Grey

Have you seen it come across your newsfeed yet? I have. The next movie in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker, releases in just a few months, and the trailer is already being shared across social media sites. I’m not waiting until February when the movie releases to talk about this, because…

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The Other Man & My Marriage

He’s kind and brave and steady. He’s gentle and loving and intentional. He’s everything I ever wanted him to be and so much more… I thought about this guy for many years in my early married life. Truthfully, I began thinking about him long before I ever met my husband. If you’ve been around for…

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When We Cut the Feet Off of Their Pajamas…

“Will you please grab the pajamas in Jaxton’s drawer before you put that pile away?” I shouted as my mom walked toward my boys’ room with a freshly folded stack of pjs. We had folded what seemed like thirty loads of laundry that evening. (I’d like to pause for a brief moment of gratitude for…

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For Wives Only: Husbands Do Not Click and Ruin The Surprise

  Hey. I’m going to jump right in here, because we don’t have much time. I’ve got a great gift for our husbands this Christmas, and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! This is the one time I am endorsing keeping a secret from your husband. Ha!   Husbands, if you clicked (shame on you) now…

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Modest Momma Style: Leather and Layers

Every now and then I put on an outfit I love and think back to my “fashion blogging” days. Did you know that this site actually began as a fashion/lifestyle blog? Did you know some of my fashion pins were featured by QVC and had 100’s of thousands of repins? Random websites even stole my…

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What’s Happening to Chip & Joanna Gaines Affects All of Us

I thought it was a joke at first. Wait, is someone really upset that a Christian couple who attends a Christian church has a pastor that preaches a widely accepted message found in the Christian Bible? What’s the story here? I’m confused. But it wasn’t a joke, and it’s still not. It began last Tuesday,…

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The One Holiday You Cannot Celebrate This Season – Your Marriage Depends on It

I need to say something. I’m a little nervous about how to say it. I’ve started and restarted over and over, trying to find just the right string of words to make plain the message of my heart. We’re talking about marriage, specifically about saving our marriages. We’re talking about making it past Divorce Day.…

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Clutter-Free Heart & Home Before Christmas

If you’re anything like me, the first batch of Christmas presents that you ordered online should be arriving any day now. Boxes and shipments and trips to the store all mean one thing… there will be more stuff in your house. Call me crazy, but my guess is that idea doesn’t thrill you or you…

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